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Your Views: Government is spending too much on our needs
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As politicians continue to spend money we don't have on things we don't need, our children's futures are wasting away. Every time we turn around, someone from the government is telling us they "need" more money because "revenue" is down. Whether it is local, state or federal, they need to raise taxes to "provide" us with services we "need." After all, they know what we "need" better than we do, right?

Just last summer, the city school system raised taxes to pay off about $1.5 million of a $6 million debt. At the time, they cut very little, and though it was pointed out to the board that the "tuition program" was being subsidized by taxpayers at a tune of $1.5 million a year, the board would not consider ending it.

This year when there was another shortfall, and with the millage rate close to the max, the board suddenly found millions to cut but still would not consider ending or limiting the tuition program. That is something we city taxpayers are not responsible for, since these students have district schools.

A few years ago, City Council determined that we "needed" an aquatics center without having any idea of what it would cost to run. Instead, we were told it would "only cost" us a few hundred dollars more in property taxes and we would have a venue for swim meets. I didn't realize I "needed" that.

This was when the YMCA had a similar project with private money just up the road. Now we have two aquatic centers lacking revenue in this slow economy, but only one can force us to pay for its loss.

I don't think the government should be in the entertainment business, but when times are good, no one cares how the money is spent. When times are bad, those bills still need to be paid. Maybe government should always spend like times are bad.

On the state level, the governor pushed his "Go Fish" program at a cost of millions to taxpayers. Now we are cutting teachers because of lack of funds. Has "Go Fish" been cut? No, because it is his pet project.

The feds are so far out of control with our "needs" that it would take thousands of pages to get started. Every one of them starts with the line "It will only cost you ..." or "this will save the taxpayers money."

We all know that's not possible. The government is spending us into bankruptcy while we lose jobs, homes and businesses, and all along we beg them to stop. They believe we "need" all these programs when all we "need" is for the spending to stop.

Our government ignores the fact that we "need" our money to pay our own bills. Our "revenue" is down, too, but we can't steal from someone else to make up for it, and we sure don't spend more to solve our problem.

What is happening to America? We used to be self-sufficient and depend on one another when times were hard. Now some think government is the answer. This is wrong. We must limit government to its actual function and cut waste for our children to have any chance at a prosperous future.

Kellie Weeks

Problems join with faith, lead to accomplishments
Without problems, people would miss many good things, opportunities and chances to become people who God uses to make this country great. Problems play a big part in causing one to reach perfection.

Even problems can become riches for many. It all can mean who you call upon when the load becomes too big for you to carry. It all can mean what you believe and who you believe.

Many people who founded ordinary things became famous because they believed in the process. They could have had problems, but their belief could have outweighed their hearts and minds to do some of what God made them to do.

Science, created by God through man, has been helpful to mankind. Many have shortchanged themselves by thinking science is something without the creator. Take away the creator and you will have no science. Science came from God. You don't have to take my word or anyone else's for it. You can ask God himself. He created all living things without our help.

Take the automobile: Was it made with problems or without problems? Without problems of some kind, there was nothing made free of them by man. Mr. Ford, no doubt, kept working and believing that God would eventually show him how to build the first automobile. There were many other inventors I could have mentioned, but it took one who believed and relied on a much higher power than man.

This recession that we are now in is not greater than the manpower that it will take to solve it. But it will take some strong belief in things that were meant to make life better than worse if it is to stand.

Jessie D. Jenkins

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