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Your views: Global warming debate should be about cause
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About global warming: You cannot find any more people who deny global warming than you can find who believe the earth is flat, or that our moon landings were faked.

The Bush administration has not denied global warming. The debate is whether humans are causing global warming or whether this is a natural cycle. More than 200 scientists have petitioned to cut greenhouse gas in half by 2050. If greenhouse gas is cut to zero, by 2050 global warming will continue for another 300 years.

So far the world temperature has risen 1 degree in the last 100 years. Glaciers are melting on Greenland, but the truth is that other glaciers are growing on Greenland. The Arctic ice is melting away. Last I heard, oceans have not risen an inch.

No one on the “humans are causing global warming” side mention that the ice buildup in Antarctic is growing. The truth is that the cause of global warming is debatable by knowledgeable scientists on both sides.

It would help the American public if the media, TV and print, would take care to point out where the debate is rather than charging that some say global warming is not happening. The debate is the cause and not the reality, and someone please tell Al Gore the debate is not over.

George C. Kaulbach

State rep. makes effort to help woman get heat

Thank you, Rep. Douglas Collins. This state representative is a very good person in my opinion.

A couple of weeks ago my neighbor, a handicapped person, was out of propane. She had called 9th District Opportunity as was instructed in The Times. She was told by the person that they were out of funds. This is the third year she has been told this.

She called everyone she could to try to get some help; all charities were broke and could not help, and referred her to churches. This time of year is a bad time of year for churches, also. The neighbors and churches have helped in the past, but this year is hard on all of us, and we don’t have any extra.

I called every state and federal agency and elected official I could find in The Times. The governor’s office returned my call, but had never hear of any energy assistance program. That puzzled me.

The only other person to return my call was Rep. Collins. I explained this situation and my dilemma. He said, “I’ll handle it.” Two days later, he called and said he had run into the same problem I had, but had arranged for a church to pay $300 for her to get some propane.

This did not go so smoothly, either, but it’s my understanding the propane is on the way.

Thank you again, Rep. Collins, for your assistance and concern in this matter. If you run again, I’ll definitely support you.

Tracy L. O’Shields Sr.

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