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Your Views: Find solutions rather than pray for help
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The Lord helps those who help themselves. Why hasn't anyone suggested that a low Lake Lanier means we need to find another alternate source of water? The use of water will continue to increase and praying for rain is an inadequate response. God expects more of us.

The Lord has given us more than the Chattahoochee River. What about building dams and reservoirs using the other water sources that surround us: the Oconee River, the Ocoee River, Etowah River, Chattooga River, Coosa River, Tallapoossa River, Lake Hartwell, Nottely Lake, Lake Burton, Lake Hiawassee and Blue Ridge Lake?

Scientists can create new human cells, but we can't save for later use the water the Lord has provided for us. Don't blame the Lord. He gave us the intelligence and natural resources to handle this issue, but we're asleep at the wheel. In fact, isn't there a water source on Glade Ford Road in Hall County?

We are not powerless, as the politicians are telling us on the front page of The Times.

Troy Millikan