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Your Views: Feds giveaway to corporations akin to terrorism
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In the last couple of weeks America has suffered more homeland terrorist attacks against this nation than we could have ever imagined. Only this time instead of coming from foreign nations or Islamist radicals, the attacks are coming from corporate CEOs and politicians who danced to their music played by lobbyists enticing them to sleep right through the greatest heist America has witnessed.

Now America is terrorized from sea to shining sea. From home to repossessed home. From bank account to mutual fund to retirement accounts to money in hand. All across this nation, everybody feels fear from political terror seeing every thing they worked for being taken by corporate CEOs and Washington homeland terrorists working together in precision strikes of destroying financial institutions and, ultimately, family lives.

Deregulation by politicians who sold us out to personal greed opened the doors to corrupt CEOs who sit as heads of corporations that became much larger and vital to this nation than they should have been allowed to become. We acknowledge you cannot negotiate with terrorists or you’ll invite more of the same again.

You also can’t bail out a private institution, whether it be a financial, auto industry or any other type, or you invite more of the same. If they are too large for this nation to let fall, they will no longer worry about falling and become motivated by risks and greed. They know this nation can’t let them fall, and we won’t do much to the CEO in charge because they have most of Washington in their pocket. I would say a company that large is a national security issue because it effects us all.

Shame on us America. Shame on us for doing nothing, wimpy Americans. They are stealing from us, and all we know to do is cry and moan, but no marching in the streets, no demanding impeachments, no throwing the bombs out, no taking our money out of the banks and causing terror to them, and no walking 10 miles or riding a bike in protest to oil giants. We just cry and moan because we have become wimpy and divided and conditioned to listen to their spokesmen, the media, instead of doing what our gut tells us what we should do and could do. Yes, we have become a fearful, do-nothing wimpy nation in our homeland when it comes to our family’s security.

Only when we get mad as yellow jackets will we get off our butts and do something. So I hope this gets you mad and hot as heck and remember we have the power, but we’re too wimpy to use it.

Without tax revenue, Washington is nothing. Unless we put our money into banks, banks are nothing. If we don’t buy their gas, they can only drink it. Every small act is regaining power.

Don’t let them steal your family’s future at their pleasure. Stand up and fight, America. Your kids’ future depends on it.

Weldon Seay


Bailout puts burden of bad decisions on us

Re, the bailout: Sens. Chambliss and Isakson have just signed their notice to their jobs, as far as I am concerned. They are to represent the people, but in my way of thinking they did not do this.

The constituents of Georgia have spoken, and the senators ignored what we said. I cannot believe that they would actually pin this piece of trash onto the backs of hardworking people of Georgia.

We did not go out and try to find a loan to buy a mansion. We bought homes to live in, nothing big. We carry mortgages on small homes. We work every day to pay for them. Now Chambliss and Isakson want to try to portray their constituents as being careless and irresponsible by not paying on our loans.

That is the biggest farce I have ever heard. We are not the ones who sit all day long and argue whose fault this mess is. It is the House and Senate, Bush, Paulson and Wall Street. We didn’t pad the books; they did. They are the ones making the giant bonuses, not the taxpayers on Main Street.

Carol McKay


Smokers should quit exposing us to habit

I was in one of our many traffic jams yesterday, and I can’t believe how stupid people can be.

I was at a red light, and an idiot beside me had a cigarette in his hand hanging out his window. He never smoked it, but my children and I did get the benefit of his secondhand smoke. I was wondering "why doesn’t he smoke it," but he just wanted to be noticed, like most smokers. So I wonder if, in that day, did he ever smoke a cigarette?

It’s amazing how a person can get a ticket for littering, but when a person throws out a cigarette butt he gets away with it. Maybe it’s because the law excuses the handicapped.

Hey, know what? A pacifier would be a lot cheaper and it wouldn’t harm the useful people around. People who have to suck on something to give them the nerve to get through the day would be better off just owning a pacifier. You really don’t look more mature, really.

Carol Singleton