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Your Views: Everyone who comes to live in US should learn English
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In glancing at the Sunday Times’ front page, the first thing that caught my eye was "Bilingual ballots may be coming."

Get real. This is disgusting! These people come to this country where English is the language and expect us to cater to them. If they come to America, they need to expect to learn English and learn it quick.

Why does anyone want to stay in a country where they cannot speak the language? How do they function? How do they get driver’s licenses? And then they expect doctors and hospitals (and other places) to hire interpreters at their expense to communicate with them.

I am almost 61 and have worked and paid taxes all these years. Is this what I am supporting? Why?

We have a niece from Thailand. She could barely speak English when she came here four years ago, but in six months or less, she was fluently speaking English.

Write your congressmen, senators, governor, even the president, but no more catering to these people!

Dora Sumner

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