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Your Views: Dont limit the rights of the lawful over a senseless act
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Tragedy in Tucson: Some common sense observations.

More restrictive gun laws are not the answer. Actually, more law abiding citizens who are qualified should be given greater freedom and less intimidation when it comes to carrying concealed handguns.

It is regretful that those standing near the shooter did not have personal conceal weapons. Actually, think of the death and pain that would have occurred had the gunman reloaded and the young man from Walgreen's not had his concealed hand gun.

Any talk regarding adjusting the "tone" of debate must first be preceded by an acknowledgment of how hateful the "ultra-Left" have spoken and acted.

Actually, the hard left has demonstrated more harsh rhetoric. Do you remember the health care "discussions," the anti-war sentiment, the pie in the face of Sarah Palin, Lewis Farrakhan's hateful talk, Rachel Maddox, Chris Matthews and Travis Smiley?

Less frequent "town hall meetings" with heavily armed guards and question restrictions is not necessary. Actually this was an isolated incident which should not be exaggerated for political points.

Giving up strong principled beliefs for the sake of "unity or oneness" is not required. Actually we need more spirited debate. Implementing the "fairness doctrine" because of this tragedy would be wrong. "Talk radio" is not the problem.

The Arizona gun show should not have been postponed. Never reward bad behavior or criminal intimation.

Sitting across the "aisle" for the State of the Union address is ridiculous. Sitting in a different seat will not make a difference. Making a case for your positions and policies is the way to long-term success.

There should be no infringements placed law-abiding citizens as an outcome of this tragedy. The Second Amendment, talk radio, and conservative activists are not the problem.

Bottom line: This was a senseless act. The shooter was nothing more than a sick young man who for whatever reason was out of touch with reality.

Criminals will not obey gun laws and restrictions. Limiting my rights is not the reasonable thing to do. How shameful for the politicians and talking news heads to use this awful event to promote their unbalanced prescribed agenda.

We live in a fallen, sinful world where this kind of action will always be possible no matter what the precautions. The best thing to do is let common sense prevail.

Tom Smiley

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