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Your Views: Democrats are blocking real health reform
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Where do I begin to respond to Harold Lott? If I understand him right, he wants those evil, racist, ignorant right-wingers to shut up and go away so smart people on the left with all the bright ideas can change the country.

Yes, most Americans do want "reform in health care that will reduce cost without sacrificing quality of care." Mr. Lott states that Republicans have no ideas about improving health care.

But the fact is that every idea presented by a Republican is instantly dismissed by the Democratic-controlled congress. Then they complain that Republicans are not being "bipartisan." What they really want is for the Republicans to rubber stamp their "reform" plan.

Let’s discuss just a few of the ideas that really would reform health care:

It is estimated that health care consumers must spend more than $300 billion per year just to cover the cost of lawsuits and unnecessary medical tests to protect doctors. The dirty little secret is that the Democratic Party stopped being the party of the "little guy" long ago and is now beholden to huge special interests. The biggest contributor to the party today is the trial lawyers’ lobby, the richest special interest in the country.

As a result, the Democratic-controlled Congress will not even consider any tort reform. They are the ones blocking "real reform."

Of course they say: "Those states that have passed tort reform have not seen lower insurance rates." This is unfortunately true and leads to the next badly needed reform. The big insurance companies also are major contributors to the Democratic Party, and they support the health care "reform" bill.

Meanwhile, Democrats are screaming that insurance companies’ profits are far too large. If true, it is because these companies, for the most part, do not compete with each other. Each has carved out its own segment of the market for health insurance within the states in which they operate.

True health care reform would permit me, a Georgian, to buy health insurance from a company in Texas or Pennsylvania or wherever I could to get the best price. This kind of competition actually would drive down the cost of health insurance. The Democrats in Congress will not even consider such "real reform."

Next, since the total number of doctors and health care facilities will remain unchanged after passage of the Democrats’ health care bill, perhaps Mr. Lott can explain how our health care system will handle approximately 50 million additional health care service requests every year "without sacrificing quality of care?"

It is outrageous that Mr. Lott would accuse people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity of comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, when we had eight years of the left comparing President George W. Bush to Hitler almost on a daily basis.

To my mind, the people on the right have not been vocal enough in opposing what is going on in Washington today. I think we need more "high-effort cognitive and rational debate."

Don Stone

Good News Clinics offer compassionate, loving care
I have recently had the pleasure to encounter the staff and physicians at Good News Clinics. This clinic is a blessing to our community. I talked with some of the patients and volunteers and the mutual feeling is respect and love for humanity. They are wonderful, caring people who want to do something to help those who are less fortunate.

This is what God intended us to do. Imagine having a toothache or an illness and not being able to go to the doctor or the dentist. That is what Good News does. They offer a service to better the quality of life of those who have fallen on hard times and need help.

This means a lot to the person receiving the help. It is a Christian-based organization and not only do they offer clinical services, they also educate the community on better health care practices and dental hygiene. In this day and age, it is so refreshing to have a positive thing like this in our community. I worked for Dr. Sam Poole for 13 years and this clinic is just one example of what a humanitarian this man was.

If you want to donate or volunteer please choose this clinic to do so. There is so much good being done there. Sometimes all a person needs is just a friendly smile, a prayer and a little help. You can get all three at Good News.

We are truly blessed to have Good News in our community. The volume of patients they see is just amazing. One physician who volunteers his time even brings sack lunches for all the patients who are scheduled for that day.

We all need to take a lesson from these wonderful people and reach out to our community and offer a helping hand. It just shows a lot of love and that God is truly at work here in our community.

Kathy Ledford

Boats making huge wakes too close to lake docks
I wonder if there is anyone in the area that gives a safe boating course or at least a lesson on safe boating? I have watched all kinds of boats from wave runners to houseboats run within a few feet of a dock with boats secured to it.

I have seen many times boats making a large wave, while towing a skier or kids on a rubber raft or tube, come closer than 100 feet from a dock with a wake that would make the boats that are secure to it or the floats that hold it up jump up and down.

I wonder if boaters in the area are aware that it is illegal for a person to run a boat making a wake within 100 feet of a dock, pier, breakwater and other boats that are drifting or anchored?

I wonder if there is someone in the area who can make an arrest for a violation of a state, federal or local law regarding the operation of a motor boat on Lake Lanier? If there is, I have not seen one.

Leroy Wenger