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Your Views: Dawson residents, make your voices heard on motorsports park
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To the people of Dawson County: This is absolutely nuts! Haven't the good citizens of Dawson County realized yet that over 20,000 residents have been disenfranchised by what the city is attempting to do with this motorsports park?

Disenfranchise is a fancy word that means the government you recently voted into office is doing nothing to protect you or your interests. They are putting outsiders ahead of you. At the same time, when the city gets into trouble, the taxpayers probably will be the ones picking up the tab. That should make you fightin' mad.

The people behind this motorsports park are looking for a cheap place to dump their dirt and noise and pollution and go back to their nice, quiet, clean homes somewhere else. How nasty is that? Other places had the good sense to turn down this project. Are we going to let ourselves be the victims now?

This isn't just about the folks who live out near Ga. 53 and Elliot Parkway. Every person in Dawson County will be affected by this project. If the motorsports deal goes through, it will be the tip of the iceberg for more commercial development in that area. Folks, once its gone, it ain't ever going to come back again. Dawson County has one chance to develop responsibly and not turn into another Clayton or DeKalb County disaster.

Did you know that if we had a decent noise or nuisance ordinance already on the books, we probably wouldn't be dealing with this issue? Why hasn't our government anticipated this and done something before now? Why wait until the barn is on fire?

Help yourselves by calling or writing to the county and the city officials this week and let them know that you are opposed to having this motorsports park in Dawsonville. Put your money where your mouth is. Tell the city that, if they approve the park, you will be giving to the fund to fight this project.

Also tell the government that you expect them to implement a decent noise ordinance to protect you from this kind of threat to the peace and security of your home, not this nearly useless thing they are trying to pass now.

Pat Wyrembelski

Why not OK the vital projects, wait on rest?
I have opined recently that I was not in favor of the upcoming SPLOST tax. Actually, I think that much of the money goes to very good, worthy projects, such as new jails and new fire stations. And I guess some of the road projects and the health department clinic for children with special needs are
necessary as well.

But, come on guys, I don't appreciate the implicit threat that if the tax extension isn't passed that property taxes will be increased because county officials will have to borrow money to fund these projects. But wait, here's a novel idea: Don't do some of the nonessential projects. I'll bet that we can survive if $21 million for parks, $17 million to restore the historic courthouse, part of $28 million for a welcome center and, of course, part of $53 million for the infamous "sewer to nowhere" are put on hold until we are more economically fit.

When I was a child and wanted a new toy my folks used to tell me "we just can't afford it right now." If I was good and minded them, maybe I would get the toy later.

I think we need to tell our government chiefs that we can't afford it right now, and if they aren't good and don't mind us (the voters) then maybe we should get some new chiefs who will.

Rick Chapman

Time isn't right for tax
We've heard all the pro-SPLOST arguments from The Times editorial board, politicians and the chamber of commence. The fact remains that we are in the deepest recession since the Great Depression. This is definitely NOT the time to vote to continue an optional tax.

Nancy Karr

SPLOST is a 1 percent tax, not just 1 cent
I've made this comment before to no effect. Here it is again: The SPLOST is a 1 percent additional tax, not a 1-cent tax. If you insist on the 1 cent, then it should be stated 1 cent per dollar spent.

John Whalen

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