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Your Views: County needs to crack down on eyesores
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On May 25, 2006, an article in The Times told about Hall County considering an ordinance to clean up neighborhood eyesores of high, uncut grass and weeds and inoperable vehicles left unattended for more than 30 days. I have not seen any of these changes take place yet.

What is the status of this ordinance? For those of us who take pride in our property and keep the lawns mowed, the junk removed and houses kept in good repair, it is discouraging to drive past many of these unkept properties each time we leave our homes. Also, many homes and mobile homes are vacant, and no one is cutting the grass. But the county does not seem to enforce anything.

Many people have cars parked in their yards, and some of them never seem to move, which to me indicates that they do not run. There are vehicles that sit in yards forever, and I cannot tell if they are licensed unless I trespass onto the property.

Grass or weeds (which is what most of these properties have) are way too high. I have noticed many residents, when cutting their yards, allow the cuttings to stay on the street instead of blowing it back to their yard and cleaning it up. This is an eyesore.

We also have a problem with trash on side of the streets that stays for days. When the county brings crews to pick up trash, they bag it and it stays for weeks. Then when the county cuts the right of way, they cut up the trash and there it is again.

We live at the end of the street and have to pass all this trash, even where there are decent and new homes. With all the foreclosed homes, no one is taking care of them, but the lender who owns the property should be.

I have left messages at Keep Hall Beautiful several times, but no one has returned my call. I would like to see an updated article on Hall eyesores with information on whom to call and what is being done. This should include substandard structures that should be torn down. These are enforced in most of the surrounding counties.

Mary Kirves


Medical Center's professional efforts appreciated

I would like to express my appreciation to the doctors and other staff members who treated me recently in the emergency department at Northeast Georgia Medical Center. I was very impressed with the courteous and helpful service that I received. Thanks to all of you.

Louise H. Barker