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Your Views: Council meetings should use alternating schedules
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In the past, I enjoyed attending the council meetings in Flowery Branch that were held in the evenings. This was a way for me to keep up with what was happening in Flowery Branch, even though I don't live within the city limits.

Since the meetings have changed to mornings, I have been unable to attend any of the meetings. For balance, it seems as though the council could alternate mornings and evenings to give the community a chance to attend some of the meetings.

Joan Scales
Flowery Branch

An apology for bad info in letter on Medicare
Well, it looks like my tendency to "shoot first and identify the pieces" has gotten me in a little trouble. My letter (Thursday) on the subject of a home health care provider sending a large bill to Medicare for minor services provided to my father was based on some really bad information that the old guy had passed on to me.

A very nice lady from United Home Health Care called and gave me "the rest of the story," so at this juncture, with a fair amount of egg on my face, I must apologize to them. They did no wrong, and in the future, I plan on taking my father's complaints with a grain of salt.

Mark Buchheim