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Your Views: Common good is just another liberal code word for socialism
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Joan King's Tuesday column, "Defining common good a tricky exercise," was pure liberal trickery.

I've always read Mrs. King's columns by starting with her last paragraph first. Here is that paragraph: "When sworn into office, both the President and the Congress take oaths in which they promise to defend the Constitution of the United States against its enemies. Good enough, but shouldn't they also swear to defend the well-being of its citizens against its enemies: corporate greed, the abuse of power and the excesses of the super rich?"

Does this sound like "common good" or is it just another word for socialism? Those tricky liberals like to use warm and fuzzy words to mask what they really mean. Liberals jumped all over Sarah Palin when she used the words "death panels" after reading Obamacare. Obama said his health care program is for the "common good."

Sunday on ABC's "This Week," Paul Krugman, a New York Times columnist and liberal guru, stated when discussing the debt commission report that our government-funded Medicare must decide what medical procedures it can continue to cover, and endorsed the death panel as stated in the health care bill. This hypocrite lefty Nobel Prize winner let the cat out of the bag that they denied and crucified Palin for.

So is this the new "common good" liberals are driving the American people to? Do Americans really believe all this corporate greed mumbo-jumbo and that the super rich are evil Americans whom we need to be defended from as enemies of the state? The rich create jobs, not the poor.

If you want to talk about enemies against America, I'd put unions No. 1 on that list. They hold business and our government hostage for unattainable benefits. That stranglehold is what's happening now globally as countries' economies are on the verge of collapsing.

We have a public school system that has failed our children as teacher unions are more interested in protecting their benefit plans. Is this "common good" as taxpayers are left on the hook for it?

LBJ back in the '60s started the "War on Poverty" and our government hasn't won it yet. Why? Maybe we should stop paying welfare out as a career paycheck and start requiring recipients to do some community tasks and monthly drug test as is done in the private sector.

Welfare scammers who work for cash and also receive a check or food stamp debit card abusers should be enemies of the state, Joan. Not the achievers.

Jane Browder