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Your Views: Common good health plan will bankrupt nation
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Alan Shope's March 25 hypocritical view of Obamacare for Americans was delivered with the normal liberal spin about the "common good." Liberals like to use nice-sounding phrases for their socialistic views. In doing so, it puts blinders on people that don't understand what is really happening to America.

"Progressives" is now what liberals would rather call themselves. Sounds warm and cozy doesn't it? But in Shope's letter, he questions "rugged American individualism" vs. "the common good."

The so-called common good that is happening under Obama's administration is socialism; that is not constitutional, nor the "change" most of us want Washington to force upon us.

Shope blames individual Republicans for not cooperating with the Dems, but most Americans don't want this shady, behind-close-door bill riddled with special deals that will bankrupt this nation. Republicans were voting "no" as their constituents wanted their elected official to do.

This bill does nothing to support the incredible health care that America has to offer. The few million uninsured can be helped without costing trillions, but Washington wants to control all of us by lumping us all together. Obama is out to destroy another industry by either controlling health insurance companies or bankrupting them. By doing so, thousands employed by this industry will lose their jobs and add to the unemployment and foreclosure dilemma.

Washington is desperate for cash to fund its agenda, so our politicians have America up for sale and it looks like China owns the major share of our debt. The interest alone on our debt is starting to bankrupt our nation and devaluing our AAA credit rating before we've even started this health care bill.

How can Mr. Shope, as a counsel leader of St. Michael Catholic Church, support this health care bill with it's pro-abortion language? Even the gimmick of the executive order signed by Obama is just limited to his term and holds no significant to stop our tax dollars for abortions since most of the health care bill doesn't go into effect until he is out of office.

This so called "common good" takes from the productive to pay for deadbeats. We don't need "this" health care bill, we need jobs. We need small businesses back and running and hiring. We need tax breaks, not more taxes.

Washington is not listening to America. Washington is drunk on power and abusing it.

Jane Browder

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