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Your views: Citys restrictions on water use are discriminatory
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Like the large majority of folks in Hall County, we attempt to conserve water by saving tap water, using the dishwasher only when full and obeying all the current restrictions. However, I believe the current water conservation rules were formulated in haste without proper judgment or consideration for the average homeowner.

Now our water department is complaining due to lack of water usage and associated revenue. They are considering increasing our water rates. We may have to pay even more for water that we are not allowed to use!

Granted, we need to keep businesses solvent that depend on water, but to absolutely prevent the homeowner from providing the same service for themselves (if only on a limited basis) is not only unfair, it is discriminatory.

Homeowners can use thousands of gallons of water to fill their pools. According to our leaders, if not filled, it could pose a risk to public health and safety. But, I cannot use a hose to wash my grill, garbage can, clean my garden tools or anything else outside that needs to be cleaned that also could pose a risk to public health and safety, but I can take them some place to pay to have them cleaned.

I cannot use a pressure washer to clean my house, but I can pay a professional to do so.

I can fertilize my lawn, but I cannot water it. But, I can pay a professional lawn service to fertilize and then I can water it.

On selected days, I can turn the hose on for 25 minutes to water a plant, but I cannot wash my car (which takes less time and a lot less water than watering the plant for 25 minutes), but I can pay somebody’s car wash to wash my car. And, no, I do not use twice as much water as a car wash.

The 25-minute rule also discriminates against those who have no outside plants or landscaping, but may want to use that 25 minutes for other outside purposes.

To be fair, why not remove the 25-minute rule landscape-only restriction and allow us to use it any way we want within the current odd-even day guidelines?

With no relief, maybe I will become a professional pressure washer or open a car wash and make enough to build a pool in my backyard.

James Blahnik