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Your Views: City regulations are going too far
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I hear a lot of talk about our socialist president and how he is making America a socialist country. And then I read about Gainesville City Council going to raise fees and then tell the people what, when and how they can live in their town.

It would seem that living right and paying your fair share of taxes isn't what this township is about anymore but the power of the government. Just so you'll know, I do not live inside the city limits of Gainesville for I have seen no real benefit and you may disagree. Paying two property taxes (city and county), pet ordinance, grass ordinance, etc.

But the last straw for me was when I read the city was going to tell people where to dry hang their "draws!"

Mark Eakins

A nod to sheriff's efforts
I read with interest David Kennedy's comments on law efforts against immigrants. Mr. Kennedy is the kind of lawyer I want: He makes illegals legal. Sheriff Cronic, keep up the good work.

Joe Chambers