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Your Views: Celebrity elites intolerance of faith insults us
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"I just want to know ... does she believe dinosaurs exist?" - Matt Damon.

Most Americans are already tired of the insults flying on both sides of the political campaign. However, as a college-educated working mother who is also a Christian, I am deeply offended by these types of statements by the "Hollywood elite," and I am not alone. I am a member of a local church here in Gainesville with thousands of other educated working mothers, both Democrat and Republican.

The assumption that all people of faith are close-minded, backward and ultraconservative is more than inaccurate; it is dripping with intolerance. So, Mr. Damon, let me clear a few things up for you:

Any educated Christian knows that dinosaurs exist.
The Bourne series were good movies. You should stick to acting and stop insulting part of your fan base.

We teach our children that even though people make choices we don't agree with, we must still treat them with love and respect, just as Jesus would.

We don't all worship at the temple of George W. Bush. We know he made mistakes.

We are not all blindly voting Republican, and our beliefs on gay marriage and abortion are not the only criteria by which we choose presidents.

Much has been said about the selection of Sarah Palin as the Republican VP candidate. Many have questioned her background, knowledge and ability to lead. Questions have been raised about her commitment to parenting that would have never been raised if a male had been selected. As a fellow working mother, I am frustrated by this double standard.

But to imply that because of her faith she is backward and out of touch with reality is over the line. Real Christianity does not make you backward and intolerant. If that were the case, the Founding Fathers would have created a religion-controlled society, not a free society.

Christianity gives you a faith to believe that God is ultimately the one in control of this world, no matter who is in the White House.

And yes, dinosaurs are real, God created them.

Kim Cook

Progressives are out of touch with most voters
After reading Joan King's rant in Tuesday's paper, I chuckled and felt compelled to respond.

I find it rather comical that liberals such as Joan, who tout themselves as "progressive," diversity-oriented and all-inclusive, are having a duck over Sarah Palin. I would be willing to bet that if her views were liberal and she was on the Democratic ticket, the "left" would think she was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It appears they only possess these traits if you are on the same ideological plane as they.

Joan states that Palin appears to be a capable woman, yet she is not on the ticket for that reason. She is on the ticket because she is anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage and anti-evolution.

Well, let's see. Joe Biden is on his ticket because he is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and I would imagine pro-evolution. So what's the difference?

Palin is on the ticket for the aforementioned reasons as well as having executive level and management experience, unlike Barack Obama. Obama has spent most of his senatorial term campaigning for president. Biden is on the ticket because of his extensive experience on Capitol Hill. Both VP candidates deserve to be there.

Joan's problem is that Barack didn't put a female on his ticket and when the Republicans did, it just slapped them in the face. It made the tolerant, diversity crowd look bad.

Joan thinks conservative values are bad for the country. If you will look around, I think you will find that a majority of Americans are anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage and anti-evolution.

I could go all day on the evolution subject. Would you show me this rock solid evidence for evolution? It doesn't exist. This world didn't just happen by chance nor did all life develop out of some primordial sludge from a single cell. Evolution does exist but not to the degree you liberals want it to.

You say it's fine to teach this evolution theory in school but not Creationism, which you say undermines the separation of church and state. Show me that separation clause in the Constitution. These are two distinct and separate theories or viewpoints.

If you're going to teach one then you should offer the other. After all, you liberals are tolerant and diverse.
The progressive movement you tout is the root of most of this country's social ills. The big-government nanny state you all believe in is destroying this country. Our government was designed for minimal federal intrusion.

What made this country great was the hard work of its people bearing responsibility for their actions.

The people support the government not the government support the people. This is the change we need, back to the people supporting the government.

Ben Terrell