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Your Views: Carters remarks show how out of touch he is
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In response to Jimmy Carter’s remark about all the criticism of President Barack Obama being racist: Carter is so out of touch its pathetic. I don’t care if the president is black, white, blue or green with yellow dots. Its the policies the man comes up with.

I voted for Carter for governor of Georgia and twice for president. I now know it was a bad choice. Carter cut the budget so badly it hurt the security of this country. He whacked the funds from the CIA to such an extent that the agency had to pull agents from all over the world, many from the Middle East where the fanatics come from. I will always believe the reason we had all the attacks on the USS Cole, the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the World Trade building and all the others after he left office is because we had no agents in those areas, agents who had been in those areas for years and had many contacts.

Also, Carter went to North Korea and sold them nuclear technology. So look what that caused. We now have a nuclear North Korea with a nut for a leader.

I know Carter did not do these things to put America in danger. He meant well. But he is very naive. We don’t need this type person as president. However I’m beginning to believe we have one in the White House now.

Neil Boykin

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