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Your Views: Candidates for elected office need to show us they can lead
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It is time to stop sending useless men to Washington or to our state Capitol who end up representing themselves at the expense of "we the people" who elect them to serve and bring about meaningful change for the public good.

It is time to take measure of the men and women we are about to elect. It's time to take measure of each candidate's motives. Why do they seek a position of leadership? Who do they really seek to serve, the party or the people? Are they willing to stand alone to do the right thing? Will they stand on the promises they make to us in order to be elected or will they become useless?

It has been said that one useless man is a shame, two useless men are a law firm and more than three useless men are a Congress.

Perhaps we need to examine each candidate for what they have not done. Have they resisted name-calling? Have they resisted attacking and revealing other vulnerable candidates? Have they run on their own record? But most of all, are they willing to lose everything to protect the constitutions of the United States and Georgia?

Do they seek the will of the people more than they seek the power of the office? Do they seek God's will for their lives more than a position of leadership? If not, they will become useless.

See the truth from these candidates; insist on an answer; then, vote accordingly.

William I. "Sonny" Sykes Jr.

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