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Your Views: Burden of health care is falling on those who pay
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I hear all of these politicians and bureaucrats talking about the health care system in America, but I never hear a plausible solution. I would like to share my thoughts on the situation.

Some of the flawed health care system stems from our illegal immigration problems. My latest research shows me we have more than 30 million illegal immigrants. For my recent trips to the hospital for major health issues for myself, family, and friends, I see families of illegal aliens waiting to see the doctor.

This would not be such a problem except that these families use the hospital emergency room for their main source of health care.

Now the money for their health care has to come from somewhere. Where do you think it comes from? It comes from raising the price of health care so that the legitimate citizens will catch it on the back end. This creates a major problem.

This is one reason legitimate health insurance is so expensive or unattainable. The way this system is structured only continues to exasperate the situation. Socialized health care would not be any better of a situation both because again the legitimate citizens will still carry the burden, and the level of health care services will only decrease.

Why should I pay for your health care? Why should I pay for your health care both with high doctor bills and higher taxes?

I am not going to pretend to know what the best solution is. I am not in public service; it is not my responsibility, nor do I have the authority to change it. I would like my elected officials to address this problem. I am tired of paying for your health care and liberal bureaucrats continuing to ignore or exasperate this major problem.

Jim Southard III

Fire, rescue pros are a dedicated group
The men and woman and private citizens of Hall County's fire and rescue services don't get the recognition that they deserve. On Aug. 28, my mom experienced the hard work and dedication that these men and women show day in and day out, sometimes without even a simple thank you.

I would like to take this time to say thank you so much to Engine 13, Station 3, Station 4, Rescue 7, Rescue 5, Ladder 5 (Engine 103), Med. 21, Battalion 1 and Paige Whitmire for their hard work and dedication.

Chuck Stowers