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Your Views: Build your family's foundation on love and it will always endure
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Hacking their way through the jungles of Southeast Asia, Europeans were baffled to find a seemingly abandoned magnificent city. The temple they found must rival Solomon's temple, or its architect must have been an ancient Michelangelo.

Europeans wanted to know who could have created such an elaborate, magnificent, beautiful city. Standing there, they must have listened for the echoes of this grand city's past. They must have tried to piece together their daily life and the harmony of their existence. Surely these ancient people must have been a people of dignity, character, strength and beauty.

As my children move into the world, I hope that they will also be people of dignity, character, strength and beauty. I hope the world would be tempted to ask why they had become such outstanding adults. Surely, loving parents would be part of the answer.

I saw their mother for the first time 25 years ago. She was amazing then and is amazing now. In her eyes, I find a vision of my best possible self. There is a depth of personal assurance within her that overflows into kindness to everyone she knows.

I am a lucky man. I kind of feel like I have discovered Blackbeard's hidden treasure. We celebrate each other's good news and we cry together. Regardless of the situation, I know she is there. Every day is a new fulfilling day.

When my children remember their past and their life that was, I hope they remember how much we love them. When my children listen for echoes of the past, I hope they recall words of understanding, compassion and hope.

I hope that the love in our family echoes within them throughout their lives. Love creates. Love builds those things of lasting significance. Love builds those things of awe.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Mickey Maddox

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