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Your views: Blame inhumane pet owners for chaining law
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It is very sad to know someone’s pet has died and the family was left with broken hearts. Sometimes anger replaces grief and sometimes blame is placed without looking at the big picture.

Our dog died two years and two months ago, and not a day goes by without a thought of her. She also came from the Humane Society more then 15 years ago. I do understand the loss that never gets any easier, but in time, smiles come with the memories.

Any time a law or rule is passed it does not fit all. First consideration is just how many will this help, and is it helping more than the ones that you anger when the law goes in place. To know the answers you need to do hands-on research. Go to the Humane Society and talk to all the caregivers, because everyone there is a caregiver. They do a job that very few have been called to do, and each day they feel loss because animals did not get adopted.

Take a walk in the mornings from the desk that takes in the animals to down the hallway to the adoption desk. See firsthand how the caregivers clean and feed all the animals and do it with pride. Dogs and cats alike are not immune to abuse and the caregivers are not heartless. They may feel anger toward the abuser, but it does not go against their abilities to provide love and care.

Many more dogs are put out on chains to live their life then ones that temporally use a run. These chained dogs have no contact with family to show them love. The dogs become tangled or hung from a chain. Their food and water gets turned over, to say nothing of the weather they live in. The dog learns nothing of how to be loved. Chains are so abusive that words cannot fittingly describe.

This law passed by Gainesville officials did not get passed without them knowing how angry this will make some people, and the supporters of this law have not gone without being criticized, either. I will not say all the people who had a run for their dog or used a chain used it as a terrible punishment. The law has released the chains and pain each dog endured.

This law would not have to be passed if the owners who did this treated their dogs with humanity. Education cannot make a person have heart. Owners have the same responsibilities for caring of the dogs’ needs as owners have to care for their own needs. If this applied, an owner would make sure all the health needs are met, including spaying and neutering. And dogs need love to be social and part of the family.

No one should have to tell anyone else how to treat the pet humanly. Yet, it has to be done. Blame the people who abuse animals and are passing this on to their children, and this circle continues over and over. Say "thank you" to the Humane Society caregivers; many times the only gentle touch a dog or cat ever experiences is theirs. A "thank you" also to the ones who passed the law and stood up to the abusers.

No one won a popularity contest over this, but I am sure they can feel warm to the thought they helped.

Helen Stell