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Your Views: Blame game puts focus on everyone but Ariz. shooter
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Jessie Corn's column Friday was quite disappointing. He has misrepresented the facts surrounding the Arizona shooting by following the left's blame game and implicating conservatives.

The only person responsible for this tragedy is the shooter himself. Mr. Corn wants to blame Beck, Palin and Limbaugh and he calls people who listen to these commentators "semi-educated" Republicans.

Well, insults will get you nowhere. The truth is there was one shooter, Jared Loughner. He is a psychopath. He acted alone and will stand trial alone. To blame anyone else is unjust and irresponsible.

What's next? Blaming the gun manufacturer or high capacity magazines?

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y., stated on NPR that she is taking a step in that direction by proposing to ban high capacity magazines and looking further into implicating Glock, the firearm used by Loughner. We will all pay the price for one man's insanity and the only reason for this is to push her gun control agenda. After all, we wouldn't want to "let a crisis go to waste."

I am a gun owner. I choose to protect myself. If you do not wish to own a gun, then don't. Limiting the rights of law-abiding citizens would not have changed what happened in Arizona. It is already against the law to kill, but that did not stop this crazed man.

Limiting free speech would not have changed the outcome either because we now know Sarah Palin had nothing to do with this man's views. He was no fan of the right, as Corn would lead you to believe; he was delusional.

It is sad to see so many use this tragedy to divide us further instead of using it to unite us as a country.

Corn ends his column by claiming "too many good people sit quietly, letting bullies and crackpots control the debate." By implementing the innocent, isn't he being a "crackpot" himself?

Kellie Weeks


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