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Your Views: Beware of candidates attacks
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With the July 15 primaries just around the corner, there is one thing we should look for in the people we elect. We should consider how they conduct their campaign as much as anything else.

The candidates who can campaign on what they intend to do if elected and not have to bash or attack their opponents are the right choices. Over the years, I have checked into a lot of bashing and attacks on the opponents. I can honestly say I have never found any of it to contain an ounce of truth.

When candidates take the low road and make attacks on their opponents rather than give us a good reason (if they had one) why we should vote for them, you can rest assured they never have anything to bring to the office themselves. There is no reason whatsoever to vote for anyone who makes negative attacks on their opponent.

A candidate who makes negative attacks can never run an office in a professional matter. Calling themselves professional and being professional are two different worlds.

Sometimes we may have believed these people to have been honest all their lives. However, something happens to some people when they run for office. They become desperate to win and will resort to anything, including lying. They often lose touch with reality and cause some of their supporters to do likewise.

The second a candidate starts bashing their opponent, they get wiped off my list. I would rather vote for the town drunk, if he tells the truth and doesn't get into bashing his opponent, than vote for the nicest-acting, well-dressed person who bashes his opponent.

Think before you vote. It is totally irresponsible to vote for a candidate based on what they say negative about their opponent. If they will lie about their opponent and it gets them into office, they will lie to get what ever they want next.

James Brady

Experience counts in office
As we are seeing in the presidential race, experience does count, just as it does in the Hall County Clerk of Superior Courts race.

Over the last 24 years, we have been so proud of the efficiency and trustworthiness of our clerk of courts and all his staff. Going from the small office and records room of the past to the vast size of the present with all the latest technology. Always being led by our present clerk with the utmost pride, as we could all observe while serving on the jury and watching the interactions with our respected judges.

Seeing the same friendly faces for years in such a busy place let us know that the office was being run with quiet integrity and kindness.

With all the appointments and honors that present and past governors have awarded our current clerk of courts, we are assured that this local office has been run by a man worthy of them all.

Just remember on Tuesday: Experience does count.

Randall and Cindy Teem

Republican Party in Hall is lower than the pot
Many people believe the Republican Party has gone down the pot. I believe it's much lower than that.
When I read what they did to Bob Vass, I just had to write. I have voted Republican probably 80 percent of the time. But no more.

Some people say Rep. Nathan Deal is a good congressman. I know the Hall County commission has been the finest, most proactive in recent history under Tom Oliver, who was also a Democrat.

I know from personal experience it's impossible to get representation from our state delegation. In this next election, look at what the incumbents have done on the state level and what committees they are on. Check to see how much PAC money they're getting from people they are supposed to be regulating. Are they bought and paid for?

This is from a Republican no longer.

Bobby Hulsey

Those who hunt and fish know they need a license
This is in response to the article Sunday of the wife trying to get her husband back in the U.S. from Mexico. I am just a little confused over this woman's position.

With the exception of the two years I served in Korea, I have lived in Hall County all my life. First, I would like to commend Hall County law enforcement for taking steps to solve the problem of illegal immigrants in our community.

Although I don't do a lot of fishing or hunting now, I have throughout the years, and have on several occasions been approached by Game and Fish officers to show my hunting or fishing license, which I have always produced.

If you hunt or fish, by law, you have to get a license; if you don't have one, you get cited. Pretty much plain and simple. In my younger days, I had my share of speeding tickets. The reason I got these tickets was because I was speeding. I knew the consequences before I did it and took my chances.

Seems to me like Mrs. Gonzalez should have known the consequences of marrying someone who was in this country illegally, and who continued to break the law by fishing without a license. I wonder if he drove without a license, too? Maybe Hall County law enforcement could take it a step further and go after her husband's boss. I know a lot of legal, documented, licensed and insured U.S. citizens who are having trouble finding local work.

In her article she said that he had been supporting her until April 1 and that she had not been able to touch him since that time. I can't figure out if her problem is love or money. If it's love, maybe she should join him in Mexico. Then she could touch him all she wanted to.

Oh, and in response to Joe Chambers, you can count me in for $10.

Charlie Truelove