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Your Views: Ask candidates for public office: Do you have the right spirit?
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There are several elections that will be coming before us in the next few years and months. The television and the newspapers are full of campaign discussion of candidates running for offices.

The questions we need to consider and ask these people, whether that person is a president, senator, congressman, governor, mayor or councilman: Do you have the right spirit to provide for the people who elected you?

There are people who, after they have climbed the ladder of success, forget how they got there.

I once asked a person who was successful how he felt in reaching his goal. He replied that he keeps thanking the people who are still holding up that successful ladder.

I often tell people, especially people in office entrusted with authority, that it takes other people on the team to make government a great success. Because, after all, we are a team.

God has given us the ability to make choices. Does our ability to choose go in a negative direction? I believe if you have the right spirit, no matter how bad a situation, and maybe if you want to do the right thing by people, you will find a way. If you don't, you will find an excuse.

If you care to read scriptures in the Bible concerning Cain and Abel, and Jacob and Esau, you can realize the difference of the spirit each processed.

Lately, my health and my wife's haven't been the best in the evening of our lives, but we are so grateful to all of the people who continue to help us through these difficult times.

Thank you, Dennis Bergin, for taking time from your busy schedule to escort me to the hospital when I needed someone with me for my operation. Thank you, Ruby, for traveling miles to help my wife and I in a difficult situation. How can I ever thank Dr. Fogerty and his staff of nurses for giving me such wonderful professional care?

To these special people, I want to say there are gracious people who can't contain their kindness. It shows in everything they do. They are the ones who do good things without prompting.

These are the people who have the right spirit.

Mordecai Wilson
Lula City Councilman

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