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Your Views: Art censorship at GSC is a big disappointment
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As a long-time supporter of the arts in Northeast Georgia, I was dismayed at the disgraceful decision of Gainesville State's leadership in removing Professor Bermudez's work of art, "Heritage?" from the faculty exhibit in the Roy C. Moore Art Gallery.

This has got to be one of the most cowardly, knee-jerk reactions I've ever heard of.

This is Gainesville State? The same place where I saw the play "Equus" a few years ago, a play about a boy who has a sexual fascination with horses? I see.

So it's OK for a work of art to deal with a controversial subject like bestiality, but God forbid an artist put his opinions about the Confederacy on a work of art. What a crock.

In one spineless swoop, GSC's leadership has indicated that it prefers the kind of censorship familiar in communist dictatorships, over the freedom of expression that we've grown used to as citizens of the U.S.

I've spent a lot of money going to events at Gainesville State over the years. Unless GSC's poobahs show a little integrity and guts, this is one patron who will never support that so-called institute of higher learning again.

Jerry Grillo