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Your Views: Americans should take control of their own health
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In response to Jesse Jenkins’ letter Monday, "It’s time for all American’s to take responsibility:" I agree with his call for Americans to take full responsibility for their lives.

In the last 30 days I’ve appeared on national and international television, including the "Today" show and "Good Morning America," preaching the same message on the obesity epidemic. America is the fattest country in the world because we no longer have the self control to stop eating ourselves to death. I’ve received numerous death threats from Americans for speaking the truth and challenging them to take responsibility for their own health.

Last week, I openly challenged British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to lose weight and get fit to help promote his anti-obesity campaign in the United Kingdom, which was widely reported on in the British press, and all I received was praise from people in the U.K.

I love this country. It’s enabled me to live a life most people only see in movies. But if Americans don’t wake up soon and take responsibility for their own lives, we’re going to witness the fall of the most successful, compassionate and caring nation in the history of the world.

There is no place like America, and if we fail to stand up and take responsibility for ourselves, our government is going to seize control of many aspects of our lives. The America we love so much is moving closer to a socialistic society because Washington doesn’t believe we can think for ourselves and take responsibility for our own lives.

I think they’re wrong, but they have some pretty compelling evidence. I hope it’s not too late.

Steve Siebold

US citizens are rising up to oppose bigger government
When Democrats have a town hall meeting and you disagree with them, they get you removed from the meeting. So much for our rights.

Democrat Harry Reid said all the town hall meetings have lost all the steam. Can’t they see the American people don’t want this health care plan they are pushing?

The people who attend these meetings are fed up with all the big government they are trying to force down the people’s throats. The Democrats need to get back in touch with the people they represent.

Even if health care passes, there are not enough doctors to meet the people’s needs. If President Barack Obama wants to save some money on health care, he can stop giving free health care, drugs, and food stamps to illegal immigrants who are violating our laws by sneaking into our country.

When will Obama and the rest of the Democrats understand that the American people are tired of all this big government spending?

If the Democrats pass their health plan, all of the people, rich, middle class and poor, will pay higher taxes. Come on people. No matter whether you are Democrats or Republicans, think for yourself and stand up against this radical government.

If this president wanted to make a difference, he should represent all the people and this great country the way he should, and the people would draft him to run again even if he did not want to. Can’t he see that he is killing the Democratic party?

God bless this great country again.

Ray Lingerfelt