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Your Views: Amendment could funnel school taxes to developers
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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial of Sept. 27 makes the referendum on Amendment No. 2 sound like a referendum on tax allocation districts. Such is not the case.

Plain and simple, Amendment No. 2 is designed to rewrite the Georgia Constitution and allow access to school tax funds by developers. If passed, every school district in Georgia can expect intense lobbying by growth at any cost developers.

The writers of the constitution must have known that eventually some effort would be made to use school taxes for something other than education and said, "No, you can't do that." And the Georgia Supreme Court agreed with them.

Amendment No. 2 dismantles the protective wall surrounding school districts and opens the door to even more of the creative real estate financing that has led to the most massive bailout of financial institutions in the country's history.

School taxes should never be used for anything other than educating our children and we should make sure of this by defeating Amendment No. 2.

Bruce W. Hallowell