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Your Views: Advocates for students here illegally should pay their tuition
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Many of us know at least someone who's lost their job to a cheaper worker from another country while our government forces us to pay housing, food and medical services to help subsidize the poverty wages these workers are paid.

Now the same group wants you to believe that allowing illegal students college benefits will not harm our legal children's chance of a college education. Why are those same folks who are protesting against the recent Regents decision simply not out raising money for college tuition for illegal students at private colleges?

With the new government takeover of student lending, race ratios are being set that colleges must meet in order to receive taxpayer funding. The legal Latino population will benefit greatly and that's a good thing.

We have to stop rewarding folks who lie and start rewarding folks who did it the honest way. To the highly paid college presidents, this is an issue of public trust with taxpayer dollars and not an issue of keeping someone from getting a higher education.

The nonprofits who claim to want to help illegal students should start by raising money for their tuition to our public colleges. You will be giving them the gift of living an honest life while we wait on Congress to resolve the immigration mess.

Lynn Everitt


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