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Your Views: A requiem for my country
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I lived in Asia for over 20 years on behalf of the Church. I love America even more as a result. But I grieve for what is happening to my country.

We have lost our soul, our civility and our rational abilities. Fear mongering and rabid calls for uprisings fill certain radio and TV news channels. Our president and his pastor were called Marxist on TV using material that was grossly misquoted out of context!

The pastor, Jim Wallis is one of America's great evangelical leaders but just "happens" to have a strong passion for the poor and needy. "Communist!" we are told? No matter, "destroy the enemy" seems to be our new mantra. Throw bricks through windows. Shot the "N" word at those of a different color. Threaten the lives of democratic congress people.

Government health care is communist! I lived in countries with national health care. They were not Marxist. They are miles ahead of us in caring for the poor and the sick! They cannot understand our fear of a program that really cares for all God's people.

Churchill reminded his people during World War II to only fear fear itself. We are now specialists in drumming up hatred and fear, the best way of all to make a people malleable, gullible and easy to manipulate by the same fear mongers.

I grieve for our dying nation.

Rev. Allen J. Swanson

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