Doug Collins makes run for Senate official
Gainesville’s Doug Collins has announced his campaign for the U.S. Senate to fill the seat currently occupied by U.S. Sen.
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Our Views: Still a horn of plenty
Times are tough, but we remain thankful for all we have
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Today, North Georgians join all Americans in celebrating a day of thanks.

Even amid turbulent times in our economy, our politics and the world at large, we take time to bow our heads, hold our families and friends close and offer gratitude for the blessings of life and liberty.

On this Thanksgiving Day, the staff of The Times again shares with readers its own expressions of thanks on this special day. We are thankful ...

For God's abundant blessings, political progress and being able to fill up my gas tank without needing to apply for a line of credit.

To still have a job in the newspaper industry.

For my good health to be able to run every day.

For my mother's courage and faith as she battles cancer. Her strength continues to be an inspiration to our entire family. And I am thankful for the support and prayers from people both near and far.

For the chance to select our leaders at the ballot box. However flawed our democratic elections may seem at times, they remain the standard for the rest of the world.

For progress reports with more A's and B's than those other nasty letters.

To be born Southern and know that Thanksgiving means cornbread dressing: Not oysters, not wet bread crumbs called "stuffing," but the real thing.

For love so good you don't know what to do with it.

For an evening spent with a chair, a lamp and a good book.

For cars that start and headaches that stop.

For the cheers of other parents for your kid's effort during a ballgame.

For socks warm right out of the dryer.

For the golden voices of Larry, Skip and Pete, who we'll sadly hear no more.

For a community that still knows how to give and how to care, especially in tough times.

For my family, my friends, my home - heck, everything, including the bad times that make us stronger.
For the new hand that I have to hold.

For my friends who also think it's perfectly normal to dance in the living room like you're in the VIP section.

For a warm home, loving family, dear friends and a faithful dog.

For my daughter, who has shown me a side of life I never knew existed. And for my husband, who somehow manages to pay all the bills and not let me worry.

For my loving husband, who I am more proud of each day, and for the little angel who came to live with us about a year ago and brings us joy daily. For God's grace and knowing that things really do happen for a reason.

For the sound of children's laughter.

To live where the shadow of the mountains can be seen in the distance.

For the freedom to believe whatever you want and share those opinions openly.

For a family crisis that brought all my siblings together for the first time in five years.

For the plummeting price of gasoline, which will make it easier for people to visit their loved ones this holiday season.

For my parents and sisters, my nephew and brother-in-law and my friends - old and new - who all make each day a little brighter than the one before.

For my family and dear friends, who always support me in times of crisis, and count on my support as well.

For a church, McEver Road United Methodist, that allows me to be myself, not some cookie-cutter Christian.

For the ability and chance to dance.

For the musical gifts of Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Billie Holiday, Johnny Otis, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, Richard Berry, Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC.

For my two beautiful and healthy children and for my understanding wife who supports my career even if it means not being at home five nights out of the week.

To be alive. To those who have forgotten that life is a blessing, I urge you to take the time to reflect on this message.

And finally, from all of us: We're thankful for you, our loyal readers, who help us share the stories of our community with each other and the world every day.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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