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Community Forum: Ghosts of elections past still haunting us
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As election time draws near, I am visited by "ghosts of the past." In this case, that past refers to my votes which I felt in too many cases to be the lesser of two evils.

Why do I feel that way? Because I have doubts about the candidates because the information is not readily available, if at all, to learn about them.

If we seek a job, we must offer a resume of our background, training and achievements. We don't have anything resembling a resume from the candidates. They are presented as representatives of the party. Vote for me, get the party! Vote for the party, get me!

That isn't what I want. I don't want someone who can be controlled or bought. That candidate will take office as the representative of the people.

I would like to know what and who qualifies a person for the office they seek, particularly higher offices. If you are nominated for a judgeship, you get the equivalent of a political X-ray. If you want to take a position for which you are nominated, you face panels for an inquisition.

How are people determined to be qualified for Congress, president and vice president? Is there a job description that states the experience required? Even now, late in the nomination process, one candidate has made a big issue of another candidate's experience.

What makes a person qualified? The most important factor seems to be money. You hear more about fundraising than about the issues.

We are exposed to debates as a forum to get to know the candidates. They are useless dog-and pony-shows staged to create images, an insult to our intelligence. The panels are staffed, the questions asked are of a softball variety. We find out candidates can choose questions they will not answer. We find out that the audience is made of "selection questioners." We hear what we are meant to hear. The political games are all trotted out.

Take issues. When it is to be discussed, the macro plan is trotted out. Then to show it doesn't work, it is microanalyzed. The summary is thin; see it doesn't work. It's no good, so throw it out. Then they proceed to tell us what's wrong and who did it. But never any answers. It is left to our imagination that it will be solved because it has been identified.

We ask Washington to do something about Social Security; it doesn't. We ask Washington to do something about spending; it doesn't. We ask Washington to do something about taxes; it doesn't. And on and on. Washington is not broken; it is stagnant. If you look at how long some of these things have been on the "to-do list," you'll be shocked. Not years, decades.

We seem to feel that by sending the same people back to Washington in different chairs, our problems can and will be solved.

Unqualified people are being asked to solve problems of mounting importance: The lack of a long-range view of problems and the resolution of issues not the base problem. We fight all the small fires but never get to the root.

Remember, Washington doesn't make mistakes, it just passes another bill and raises taxes.
The ghost of elections past is at my door. How about yours?

George Koesters

Are we to blame for our economic woes?
Another steel plant closes in Pennsylvania, sending workers to look elsewhere for that retirement. One of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, located in Michigan, has dismantled its factory, leveled the land and planted grass where once grandpa and dad retired and I expected to retire, but that place doesn't exist anymore.

Our very own U.S. Air Force has awarded a multibillion contract overseas, leaving our aircraft plants idle. Thousands of other businesses have laid off employees, the housing business is in limbo and you're driving an import automobile. Shame on you! If you can't support this country, what do you expect of it? It's too late now; the condition this country is in is because we put profit above Americanism.

Harder times are coming, but not for the petroleum industry that boasts a profit of $40.6 billion. How do they get away with it? Here comes summer and, of course, they have to put in their additive so we don't smoke up the big cities; that will be an extra 40 cents rise in the price at the pump.

Our leaders are trying to decide whether or not we are in a recession. Recession, hell! We are in the last days. Get prepared for more robbery and stealing, and it's just because we allowed the imports to come into our country and drive down the prices of our fine products.

We need to repeal NAFTA and remove China from the WTO. We need to bring our troops home and build up our forces to prevent what is inevitable, the takeover of the United States of America.

China has just recently bought submarines, jet fighters and high tech weapons. What do you think it has in mind? It has enough of our money now to go to war.

God bless what is left of this fine country, the United States of America. Let freedom ring!

Roger Keebaugh

Is attorney just trying to drum up business?
Since Arturo Corso is a local attorney and supposedly represents the laws of our nation, I find it odd that he continues to write negative letters about anyone who's against those who are in our country illegally.

Could it be that it's his way of marketing his services and financially benefiting from those who are fighting to stay in our country illegally? Oh, surely not!

Jean Bennett