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Community Forum: Another chicken little' sees global sky falling
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On June 23, James Hansen gave invited testimony to a House Select Committee regarding the 20th anniversary of his original "carbon dioxide makes global warming" statement. You can read it at the House of Representatives Web site.

His recent testimony is political, even religious, not scientific. It is close to shouting, "Omigod! We're all going to die!"

For example, Hansen said "Now, as then, I can assert that these conclusions have a certainty exceeding 99 percent. The difference is that now we have used up all slack in the schedule for actions needed to defuse the global warming time bomb."

Well, now. Does anyone recall the last time we faced a "time bomb?" Right, the "time bomb" then was Professor Paul Ehrlich's book, "The Population Bomb," wherein he forecast worldwide unstoppable famine with multiple billions dead by 1988.

Ehrlich expected the world to end in 1977. He wrote on page 21, "the next NINE years will probably tell the story" (emphasis his, not mine). Well, bosh and baloney. It did not happen.

Hansen faces the same prospect. However, he has become both rich and famous by promoting his political apocalypse. Since 2001, he received $250,000 from the Heinz Foundation, split the Dan David Prize (a million dollars), and got $720,000 from George Soros (the socialist billionaire who pays for and other leftist activities.)

Hansen owes too much to leftist political groups to be a scientist, so he has apparently resorted to preaching an environmental religion.

Thus he told Congress on June 23, "time is running out." He wants rigid controls on all carbon emissions from the United States, although China now emits 14 percent more carbon dioxide than we do. China alone now accounts for two-thirds of the annual increase in global carbon dioxide levels.

Plus, the Earth's climate is not driven by carbon dioxide. Recent technical studies published by the American Physical Society show that atmospheric sensitivity to studies dioxide is exaggerated by most climate models, by a factor of 5 or 10, maybe even 20.

That is, if Al Gore and James Hansen say "5 degrees of warming," the actual effect will be something like a half a degree. Or less.

Hansen should be laughed out of the House, and the Senate, too.

WT "Ted" Hinds

GOP chairman allowed conflict of interest vote
Paul Stanley wrote a pretty letter to The Times about his lifetime of learning, and his partisan goal of protecting the human race from the evils of government, and his lofty principles. I am very impressed with his lofty statement of principles, his smooth Madison Avenue delivery. He can deliver the rhetoric partisan candidates use to win elections.

Rhetoric wins elections especially when filled with lofty, altruistic principles. A statement of principles, or just rhetoric, does not build great societies.

Ancient societies like Rome were built with actions, brick by brick, not word by word. How do I judge Stanley's words? By his actions of course.

Stanley, chairman of the Hall County Republican Party, allowed an executive board member, Tommy Sandoval, to vote on at least one issue in which Sandoval had a vested interest. Sandoval was paid for services to Jennifer Gibbs in the primary election for clerk of court. The clerk of court race featured three candidates, all legally qualified, who paid dues and fees to the Hall County Republican Party. The party, led by Sandoval, renounced one of the candidates as not being Republican enough days before the election.

Despite this vested interest in the unanimous vote by Stanley and the board, no one recused themselves. I've asked in a public forum if this action violated the ethical code for an executive board. Stanley shared no words with me. I've asked in a public forum if these actions violated the charter and bylaws of the county party as set up by the state party. Stanley shared no pretty words with me.
Stanley had no pretty words for The Times when asked directly about the conflicts of interests and the corruption on the board.

So far, the actions or lack of action by Stanley demonstrate a level of corruption in the Hall County Republican Party equal to Stanley's alleged corruptions in government.

Isn't it wonderful? A lifetime of learning resulting in a college degree and a law degree and Paul can't run a meeting or back up his lofty principles with action. How can a voter trust a Hall County Republican now?

Michael Parker
Flowery Branch

‘Road work ahead' signs are everywhere
I can't leave my home without seeing signs that read "road work ahead." Whether or not the road needs repair makes no difference. What's so hilarious is I see five "workers" in an area; one is digging a hole and the other four are watching. So I ask myself: "How many people does it take to dig a hole? One to do the digging and four to watch."

Hey, I'll take a job with the DOT any day. Stand around and get paid, can't beat that.

If you report a road that does need repair, they are never seen. This is one of too many things we are paying taxes for. Are there going to be any trees left? Our children and children's children are not going to know what a tree is.

This country is being built on greed, pure greed. That is a scary thought. If you disagree, just take one of those orange barrels and put one in your living room.

Carol Singleton

Evangelicals back corrupt administration
When Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933, America had been ravaged by Herbert Hoover and the Republicans. In that era, the people rose up and demanded change.

This was prior to the age of brainwashing administered by the religious right, casting sway over politically challenged individuals by convincing them that our government was evil. Ronald Reagan planted the idea and we are now reaping devastation.

According to statistical data, 78 percent of evangelicals and 61 percent of people who attend church regularly voted for George W. Bush. This has been the most corrupt administration in our nation's history. Bush's lies led America into war with Iraq. This is just another war brought on by religion.

Today, if Jesus were walking the streets and seashores of America teaching the lessons found in the four Gospels, this current religious right would denounce his principles and label him a liberal.

Mary Farrow Smith