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Letter: Mexico paying for the wall? Here’s another question: What happened to compromise?

What happened to Mexico paying for the wall? In reference to letters on this topic in The Times on Dec. 29 from Michael Hawkins and Chris Morgan:

According to some estimates, the U.S. spends upward of $100 billion a year to house, feed and provide medical care and supervision of illegal immigrants.

The vast majority of these illegal immigrants come to the U.S. via Mexico. Currently, caravan and other illegal immigrants are being kept in Mexico. Hence, Mexico is currently paying the cost of feeding, housing and providing medical care and supervision of these illegal immigrants. Will Mexico spend $100 billion to do so? I seriously doubt it. According to the news, another caravan is being organized to travel to the U.S.

The border patrol cost to maintain the southern border is estimated at $3.4 billion for 20,000 agents. While a wall may not be the only solution to securing our border, it would go a long way to doing so. A 16-foot to 20-foot high wall with barbed wire on the downside will serve as a strong enough deterrent that would enable the US to reduce the total number of border patrol agents, and that savings could be used to cover the cost of the wall.

Foreign aid to Mexico last year was $323 million. Eliminating that for the next 10 years would provide $3.2 billion.

The letter writers appear to be hung up on Trump's promise to make Mexico pay for the wall. I don't recall seeing their letters calling Obama to task for promises not kept.

Trump, like him or not, has fulfilled more of his promises than any other president in my lifetime, and I am 80.

The Democratic and Republican House and Senate must take the blame for the mess of our current immigration laws. They only beg the need for term limits for these incompetent, politically correct, self-serving hypocrites who no longer work for the good of the country but for themselves.

The politics of the left and right are ruining this country. Compromise was how laws were passed, budgets approved and we as a country progressed. Now we have a partial government shutdown and neither side is willing to compromise. What a sad state of the union.

Peter Mazza


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