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Your Views: Would gambling revenue add to or replace school funding?
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In light of the proposed expansion of gambling here in Georgia, I would like to know exactly what will be done with the funds generated. Will it be used to replace funds currently allocated from the state budget for education, therefore allowing those funds to be used elsewhere?

I know this is a common practice in other states and I find it objectionable, as those who can afford it the least are the ones shouldering the added tax burden. How much per student was Georgia allocating before it instituted the lottery? Has that percentage of the state budget spent per student dropped after the lottery was instituted? If so, by how much?

I know that the big selling point being pushed is the increase in funds for education and I want assurances that these funds will be added revenue on top of what we normally spent in pre-gambling days. If not, then this is not a good thing for the poor and disadvantaged in our state, since these are the people who spend the most on gambling.

Lee Marchetta

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