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Your Views: With election over, leaders must unite for common good
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President Barack Obama was re-elected and would hope that our national, state and local elected leaders would accept this historic fact as a second opportunity to help bring our country together and work for the common good of all of the American people.

It’s time to end the obstructionism and divisiveness to move all of us forward. In my opinion, the state of Georgia would be best served by representatives who leave their personal, often extreme agendas and beliefs at home and try get to know their entire electorate in order to truly represent all of us.

I also think the charter school amendment is a huge mistake and will certainly leave disadvantaged children behind when a solid education can be the ultimate equalizer in our country. All kids deserve a quality education in a safe environment with talented, caring educators helping them to become the best they can be no matter what the child’s socioeconomic or ethnic background looks like. This amendment feels like a huge leap backward and should be watched closely.

So here’s to a more inclusive, diverse, proud, progressive future for Georgia and the U.S.A.

Kerri Alexander

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