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Your Views: Wishing for the good old days
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The America I knew — I wish I could snap my fingers and bring it back. If I could, I would put God back in our schools. I would give parents back the right to pop their kids’ backsides if they got out of line. Policemen and policewomen would go back to remembering taxpayers pay their salary and would not have the right to holler "police!" after they have knocked your door down.

Throw out all teachers who teach our kids it’s all right to be different. They would not be different if they were not told it was OK and your parents don’t have a right to make you mind. All my brothers and sisters and me had our backsides popped when we done wrong. We all turned out to be hardworking, taxpaying citizens. Government would keep to itself as long as you paid your taxes.

When the Vietnam War came along, I joined the Army and served one tour and one of my brothers did the same. Now I am 64 years old and would love to go back to the good old days.

You don’t want to believe it, but you’re living under a dictatorship. You have to know your rights.

Donald Carver
Flowery Branch

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