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Your Views: When will politicians take a stand?
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Imagine what would happen if our Washington politicians made every decision based on what’s best for America instead of worrying about re-election and sustaining their self-serving careers? I’m fed up with “business as usual” in our nation’s capital.

Here are some bold, common sense suggestions:

Place term limits on every U.S. senator and representative. Get rid of all their special perks. If they want to get rich, let them do so in the private sector, not as public servants.

Congressmen should forfeit all pay until they balance the budget and stick to it. Their enormous spending appetite has led to an unprecedented $15 trillion deficit. We’re headed in the same direction as Greece.

Quit providing benefits to illegal immigrants. In addition, enforce the national immigration laws or allow the states to do so without federal interference.

Put short-term limits on programs such as food stamps, unemployment payments, etc. Make it virtually impossible for able-bodied people to stay on the government dole from cradle to grave.

Get rid of federal employee unions. Even a liberal like President Franklin Roosevelt thought this was a bad idea.
Restructure unsustainable entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for people 45 and under. Strike down ObamaCare; it’s unaffordable and unconstitutional.

Phase out the Postal Service in the next five years. Let private companies like FedEx and UPS do what they do best — make money and provide quality service.

Eliminate the Department of Energy. Its focus should be on fully developing America’s vast surpluses of coal, oil and natural gas.

Dismantle the EPA, which panders to a minority of environmentalists and issues a tidal wave of regulations that are cost prohibitive and thus detrimental to business.

Abolish HUD, Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. These inept organizations have proven to be a sinkhole of massive waste and abuse despite huge bailouts.

Do away with the Department of Education and let each state decide what’s best for our children.

Close down the GSA. We don’t need an organization that’s supposed to monitor other government agencies while spending nearly a million dollars on a frivolous convention.

Do everything possible to strengthen our military forces. Give the Veterans Administration the resources to care for the brave veterans who’ve made our many freedoms possible.

A radical situation calls for radical solutions. A vibrant America, including a bright future for our descendants, is at stake. If we stay on our current path, we’re headed for socialism, economic collapse and chaos. We can no longer afford to elect politicians who can’t make the tough decisions.

Call to action: Give this article to as many people as possible. Write your congressmen expressing your frustration with their ineptitude and demanding drastic action. Vote only for politicians who are serious about doing what’s best for America.

Remember, America is still about “We the people,” not “Me the politician.”

Dick Biggs

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