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Your Views: What will each of us do to keep our dream alive?
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When most people think about our Independence Day, they think about a war fought and won, a nation created and stars and stripes. This is all well and good in the perception of remembrance because it is quite important. However, I would have to argue that it was more than that to our Founding Fathers. I would theorize that this day was symbolic of foresight and stewardship.

Simply gaining our independence was a baby step into a better direction for what became our nation, and the overall goal after that independence would not be an easy thing to recognize. These men — supported heavily by their wives, sons and daughters, friends and colleagues — were able to draft a document that holds significant importance in our lives as Americans. The document itself beheld a set of principles and virtues, ethics and ideals.

I fear that our founders would be turning over in their graves if they could see just how far we have drifted as a nation from what was originally intended for us. The way I see it, they only intended for the people of America to be the stewards of America.

Sure, they might have indeed anticipated a need for change and advancement over time. However, they did not anticipate that the hand of government would grow to become invasive. The founders wanted the hand of government to be invisible but known, to be silent but felt, to be sweet but just. Unlike today where even the smallest municipality of government commands a level of power surpassing that of our first Continental Congress.

And that brings me to my next point, that Independence Day is not a day to remember our government or the people in it. Not to dwell on the past, but to look forward into the future. If we were intended to be the stewards of this nation, then let us remember how generation after generation before us would strive to leave more and more for their sons, and their sons’ sons after them.

Let us remember that it was not so long ago that we were not here and our nation had already existed for more than 150 years. It should speak volumes at how quickly, a matter of only 40 years or so, how much damage we have done to the one thing that is supposed to be more precious than rubies, or our faith or each other.

I say this because without the little amount of freedoms we have left in America, we might not be able to live, love, teach, believe or progress as we do. Furthermore, with each passing year, our nation grows a little older and we find ourselves a little more overwhelmed.

Imagine a world without America. Imagine your life in another land. Imagine your life without your children, or grandchildren.

Now, what will you do to keep that hope and dream alive?

Steven Ellis


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