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Your Views: Weakened family, morality will lead to societys downfall
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Weaken the family unit and society will collapse. Over half of marriages end in divorce. One out of three pregnancies is aborted. Prescription drug facilities are flushing babies into sewers.

Marriage is a mockery. Cohabitation is acceptable. Men marry men. One-parent “families” are becoming the norm. Children are the victims of divorce. Drug and alcohol abuse, classroom violence are consequences of family disunity.

Prayer is kept out of the classroom. The Pledge of Allegiance is disallowed in public schools. Violence is cabled into the family room and living room. More than 5,000 pornographic websites are on the Internet. Morality is decaying. And the U.S. has the highest prison rate in the world, nearly 1.5 million.

Remember the old saying, “Honor thy father and thy mother.” Satan knows what he is doing.

Byrne Heninger


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