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Your Views: We should not trust others for our security
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I normally do not read Joan King, but the headline “More guns don’t make us safer” on Tuesday drew me in. She wrote: “There are better ways to protect your home and loved ones than sleeping with a .45 under your pillow.”

She is right; I keep my gun on the nightstand.

But if there is a better way, name one. A typical liberal, she throws out “sound bites” but offers no evidence or basis for her reasoning. What would be a better way of protecting one’s home and loved ones? Calling the police? They will get there after the fact, after you are dead, your wife is attacked and God only knows what might happen to your kids.

I will call the police, but I am not depending on them to save me from an intruder in my home in the middle of the night. You could install a good alarm system, but any savvy home invader will know how to defeat an alarm system. You can get a big dog and buy it a Kevlar vest.

Beyond these choices, I really can’t think of any reliable alternatives. I have the alarm system, the big dog and will call the police, but my defense is my gun because that is all that I have that I can depend on.

King also wrote: “There are very, very few people who have an excuse to carry a concealed weapon.” She is entitled to her opinion, but that is all that this statement is. She offers no reason as to why she believes this. I have carried a concealed weapon for many years and I have never had a reason to draw it. But a gun is like a fire extinguisher — it is a lot better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

She states: “Countries with the most guns also have the highest rates of firearm deaths, and the U.S. tops the list.” This is simply not true. Sweden, for example, issues every able-bodied person an “assault rifle” and has one of the lowest homicide rates in the world. Firearm death is very deceptive, and all-inclusive term, as opposed to homicides.

She has obviously never read “More Guns, Less Crime” by John R. Lott Jr., But why would she want to be confused with facts? John Lott, as I recall, originally set out to find data to support an anti-gun agenda, but what he found when he examined the data was just the opposite.

I will give her just one reason that law-abiding citizens should carry concealed weapons: When criminals don’t know who might be armed, they are often deterred from committing confrontational crimes, because they know that it could cost their lives.

In addition, when I and many other law-abiding citizens carry a gun, it makes those who don’t safer by association, since criminals don’t know who is not armed.

Jerry Callahan

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