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Your Views: We are losing the America we once knew
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Are we losing the America we had revered since childhood? The America we served, fought for, and so many died for?

Anyone who is or is near my age saw a picture of George Washington hanging in our school room when we started school. We also said the pledge of allegiance, had prayer and, during World War II, sang patriotic songs.

I believe when those brave men and women who gave their lives in World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan — and especially the four who died in Benghazi — arise for their final reward, their voices will utter as one: “What happened to my America?”

Recently I heard that the al-Qaida terrorist who killed 13 American soldiers and wounded 30 more had denounced his American citizenship. I leave that for you to ponder.

Since his terrorist attack in November 2009, the United States government has paid his salary of $300,000 to date and counting. Also, several million dollars of our tax money has been paid for his defense. Can anyone of you believe this is happening in America?

Many of you, myself included, remember when seven German soldiers were released on our eastern shore in World War II, and within approximately three months, all but one were executed under the leadership of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Contrast this with the current president who has declared this massacre as “a workplace incident.” (If I had read this in a “true magazine,” I would have said this is a bald-faced lie.)

To compound the tragedy, these brave men and women have been denied death and disability benefits, including Purple Hearts, because it was nothing more than a “workplace incident.” Can you believe this is happening in America?

I must stop now for someone is at my door, and I fear it may be the IRS.

Joe Bond Sartain Jr.

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