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Your Views: Voters, take time to do your duty and cast a ballot
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I am writing not in support of any one candidate, but to urge every registered voter in Hall County to go to the polls and vote in the upcoming runoff and again in November.

While we had 35 percent of the voters come out and vote in the primary, that was still a disgustingly low number. With the early voting opportunities and absentee ballots, there is no valid reason that every registered voter cannot find the time to exercise their right to vote.

I know there was a lot of interest in several of the races that caused even the 35 percent to show up to vote. There is still a need in the runoff and the November elections for the people to show their support for the candidate that most closely falls in line with their beliefs.

Don’t just vote against someone or for a friend; become informed about the issues and make the best decision for Hall County, Georgia and the United States. If you are a citizen, it is your right — no it is your duty — to vote. Do not let a small number of voters decide how your future will be decided.

I urge you to reconsider if you have decided not to vote. The process is so easy in Hall County now under the leadership of Charlotte Sosebee. With the early voting process in place before each election, it takes only a few minutes to cast your vote. Everyone of us can spend that few minutes or go to the polls on election day.

Voter apathy is not acceptable.

David Greenway

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