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Your Views: Vote 'no' to T-SPLOST; its the wrong time for a new tax
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Enough is enough. The people who are trying to pass this sales tax are asking for $16 billion to $19 billion. That’s billion, which is equivalent to adding an extra 25-cent tax on each gallon of gas.

There is no way I could accept a large increase in a gas tax like this, nor do I believe other people would either. Reality is, it’s what you would be approving if this referendum is accepted. It just sounds better when you hear it is only an added 1 percent sales tax over 10 years.

People in favor of this referendum say that this will help Georgia in the future. After reading many articles, I have never heard them talk about the hardship it will cause people who are retired on fixed income, people who are just trying to pay month to month bills or people who are unemployed.

There is no way around it; this will also affect the average hard-working families. We are still in a recession and as just reported by the Times on July 5 “Economists predict higher joblessness through 2015.” Not only is this the wrong time to pass this referendum but is the wrong way to pay for it.

Don’t be mislead by the number of ads that are fixing to come out in favor of this referendum. Just consider how it will affect your family and several other groups in Georgia. Please vote “no” on July 31 to the T-SPLOST referendum.

Frank Goodson


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