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Your Views: Use logic, action to fight problems that plague nation
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As budget talks continue in Washington and across the U.S. for many of its states, I have to wonder if anything will ever be resolved. Will all of this talking and analysis, all of the in-fighting and bickering actually pay off?

Is it better to continue to hope for the best while the worst has already been under way for more than a decade at least? Or should we start cutting back to the bare necessities of what makes our national, state and municipal governments function?

Sure we will lose a good number of public service officials, but will the world still go round - probably.

Should there be organizations or government-sponsored programs to which no real benefit back to society or community can be felt, even at its most remote ties?

Is it not time that Americans, regardless of racial background or religious beliefs, move beyond what happened in the past? Meaning let us put an end to such irrational programs and laws like affirmative action, which are essentially handouts these days.

Should there really be such a movement from radical evangelicals to institute a form of state religion in America, whereupon the laws of Christianity would supersede the law of man? Would this not be counterproductive to furthering equality amongst all inhabitants of Earth? Would we really be any different than those fundamentalist, radical state religions of the Middle East?

Should we start limiting the length of time any public official can hold any electable position? Perhaps two terms would suffice.

Should our government not overhaul regulations over our banking institutions, which are quintessentially stewards of our money, not their own.

Should we really keep giving convicted felons several chances to assimilate back into society, only to fall short and be put back in prison yet again?

Is it really OK for pharmaceutical companies to buy patents for potential disease-curing medicines only to hide them away forever? Furthermore, is it right for them to be able to tell the FDA what drugs should be allowed on shelves?

If any of these questions hit home, it's because they matter more than we know.

If you feel resentment its because my opinions are truer more than they are false.

If you feel relief, it's because there is at least one other soul out there who is on your side.

If you feel scared, it's probably because you have a lot to lose from a better type of change.

If you feel sad, it's probably because you are one of the many who chooses to stay silent on the things that really matter.

I will always fight for America and our founding values. However, I will fight with logic, outspokenness and action. I will strive to be ever ready to attend my brother or sister in time of need.

I will fight for America because America is worth fighting for.

Steven Ellis

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