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Your Views: US military leaders have let president undermine security
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My father served for over four years on a mine-layer ship during World War II. He came out as a first class petty officer. My uncle fought the Japanese as a machine gunner during World War II. He came out as an E-6. I served during the Vietnam conflict. I came out as a captain.

All of us were willing to die for our country. All of us served because we believed in the American way of life. What is occurring today was not what we were willing to die for.

Rudy Giuliani just stated that the president is allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Iran is the largest sponsor of Islamic terrorists in the world and our president is supporting them. Christians were just beheaded in Libya and the president would only say civilians were beheaded in Libya. Our military is being destroyed by this man, and the Army brass cowers as cowards because their future retirement pay is more important to them than the security of this nation.

Americans are beheaded by ISIS and the president plays golf. A female American is killed by ISIS and the president goes golfing. I know I am putting myself in danger by calling for our military to stand up to this man, but I am a patriot and I care more about the future of my country than I do about my own safety.

For years, the Army has been a staunch supporter of our freedom and I was proud to serve. Now, the Army and its senior leaders have turned to mush and are letting this nation be destroyed.

Many people have said, if Obama is in fact not a Muslim, he may as well be. If you study his actions and listen to what he is not saying about Islamic terrorism, you cannot help but accept that statement above. In my opinion, he favors Muslims of all beliefs more than he supports the American citizen. I just wish those who wear the stars on their shoulders cared as much for this nation as I do.

Jim Threlkeld

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