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Your Views: US cant suspend Constitution to pursue terrorists
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Ominous dark clouds can be seen approaching on the horizon as America deals with the latest acts of terrorism conducted in our land. If the best we can do is to deny basic inalienable rights that were granted to us by our creator, what have we become?

Is our system of justice so flawed that to follow the rule of law will render us unable to prosecute a criminal? While we should, to the full extent of the law, prosecute and punish the persons who committed these monstrous acts, we should in no way allow our government to step beyond the Constitution to do so.

If we change the way we label a person, concerning rights, due to the acts they commit, we open the lid to Pandora’s Box and we may never be able to close it again. If we act without honor to deal with those without honor, can we ever get our honor back?

The nature of these terrorists is made clear by what they do. Our nature will be revealed by how we react. Have they not proven themselves to be murderers, and do not the people who help them bear the guilt of collusion? Are there not laws that these people can be tried under without granting new and invasive powers to the government? Is our system so flawed that we need to change the rules? I think not.

While it may be true that to this point the Patriot Act hasn’t been abused, and interrogating the marathon bomber without the burden of legal protection might seem expedient, I wonder. Should we so quickly cede to a government powers that our Founding Fathers fought and died to keep that government from having?

Are we fighting for surrender and in the process making our enemies succumb to victory? I’m afraid that by winning battles in this way, we will be forever changed for the worse.

Further, all that will be needed for a tyrannical government to use the same techniques against us will be a change of label; from tea party member to racist, evangelical Christian to bigot or any other change in name could be reason enough for action.

We can’t afford to so readily give away protections granted under our Constitution. Once these things slip through our fingers they can’t be easily regained.

Eddy McEntire

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