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Your Views: Traffic problems persist at Lanier Islands Parkway
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Northbound Peachtree Industrial Boulevard at Lanier Islands Parkway is a nightmare. What was once two lanes northbound, with a right-turn lane and a left-turn lane, is now a single lane northbound with only a left-turn lane. Traffic flow through the area has turned into a single line of cars up to a half-mile long, forced to navigate a maze of orange construction barrels.

We all know that there is road work going on. In fact, the road work isn’t even the problem. We know that lanes will change over the course of the work. Again, not the problem.

The problem is that the right-turn lane onto Lanier Islands Parkway, the lane that would funnel traffic toward Interstate 985 and Buford Highway, has been removed for no conceivably good reason. The majority of northbound traffic in that area tends to turn toward the interstate. Now those drivers have to wait behind people trying to go north on McEver Road, creating increasingly long lines as the rush hours wear on. And someone with the DOT thought this was a good idea.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how the only remaining turn lane funnels drivers toward the much vaunted Lake Lanier Islands park. I wouldn’t be surprised if the deep pockets and influence of the park had something to do with this decision.

Blake Duncan
Flowery Branch

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