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Your Views: Traffic light is needed where Ga. 365, Howard Road intersect
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The Georgia Department of Transportation must install a traffic light at the Howard Road/Ga. 365 intersection. Every day I pass this section of road coming to work and going home. Every day, patrons of Racetrac and the YMCA jet out into traffic moving at speeds of at least 65 mph, holding and drinking hot coffee, not paying attention, congregating in the median, desperate to get back on the road.

I personally have had so many close calls that I am seriously considering taking Old Cornelia Highway to come into Gainesville to reduce the risk to my life and the life of my daughter. How absurd that I would have to go completely out of my way and not use a highway meant to be used because the DOT is turning a blind eye to the needs of the East Hall community.

I welcome the commercial development along the Ga. 365 corridor; Hall County needs it. But we also need a traffic light so we can continue to live, work and spend money in our community.

Whatever the criteria the DOT is using to determine a traffic light is not necessary needs to be chunked. Common sense should prevail. Travel the road, see for yourself the danger, and don’t ask for more taxes until the basic safety necessities are provided. Taxpayers in East Hall deserve better!

Nancy Ware