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Your Views: To avoid CO2 threat, give up plants, water
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I’d like to applaud Gerald Tipton of Gainesville (as well as all the other global warming buffs) for his letter last week suggesting that we all curtail our consumption of meat in order to reverse global warming, currently going under the new name of “climate change.”

I guess since “global warming” proved to be a big fraud. I’d like to suggest to all the folks interested in reversing the horrors of climate change that they join with Mr. Tipton and Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency to fight the production of insidious carbon (CO2 in particular) which is produced not only by animals when we exhale, but also by the proliferation of plant life — at night, when we’re asleep and innocently unaware. Save the earth. Stop eating plants immediately!

Also, we know that water is now scarce in some parts of the world, so we should stop drinking it, and water-based drinks, too. No more beer (that wastes clean river water), juices (from a mix of plants and water), milk (from polluting cows) or Gatorade (gators pollute water, you know).

If all of you smart people would just unite (as was done in New York City last week) and stop eating and drinking these food and water pollutants for, say, 30 to 60 days starting Jan. 1, climate change and global warming would go away, for good, by spring.

Rick Frommer

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