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When I lost my wife due to illness, there were times I have said to myself, “Where do I go from here?” I have tried to build my life in the comparison of building a house by asking myself: It is not how your house looks like after it is built, but what is the house is build upon?

I keep asking myself: How can I be a blessing to someone rather than to be blessed? God never promised that life would be fair. Because the enemy wants to keep you bitter and upset and talking about disadvantages, rain falls on the just and the unjust.

No person can give you everything you need. The important thing to do is keep our vision in front of you. When you keep something in front of you, you are steadily moving toward your goal.

We should ask ourselves: Do we focus on people’s faults too much instead of what they can become if more love and understanding was directed to them more?

All of us are on a journey in life. We can’t prevent some things that happen to us, but can prevent it from hindering us from moving forward. We must ask why the windshields in our vehicles are larger than the rear-view mirrors. It is more important to see where we are going than what we have left behind.

Sometimes we learn from things we suffer, and sometimes we suffer because we don’t learn. How long does it take to go from a peaceful situation to a disaster? One split second.

I have been on the Lula City Council for more than 12 years. I have experienced good and bad times, and insults in one form or another. However, I have learned in life not everyone is against or for you. But you can’t shoot all of the dogs because some have fleas.

I am asking people in our community and city officials to work together to build a better situation for ourselves, our children and the future. The thing that is more important in any civilization is the home, not just a house, plus:

1. Fair government and justice for everyone.

2. Religious institutions, education facilities and care facilities.

3. Being aware of our origin to know how far we have traveled.

4. Not being hastily judgmental but determine the origin of problems.

5. When interacting with people by helping or advising them, it is not always important how much you know but how much you care.

6. Improvement of a community and its government affairs.

7. Elected officials, involvement of the people and a set of goals to accomplish.

8. The transition from present to future; it will involve resolution, evolution and revolution.

9. You will never change things if you are afraid to confront them.

10. You can’t run with the chickens and expect to soar with the eagles.

It has been my experience, from youth through adulthood, to never let any ethnic group, no matter what they may be, tell me one is better than the other.

To build a better place and future for everyone, we must all work together for the betterment of all.

Mordecai Wilson
Lula city councilman

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