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Your Views: Those pushing a racial agenda want US to fail
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The events surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman have led me to a couple of conclusions that I think warrant some serious consideration by all Americans.

While the death of Trayvon and the suffering of his family is tragic beyond understanding by anyone who hasn’t been through what they have, it has hardly been a walk in the park for Zimmerman. He has been called a racist with no evidence brought to light to prove that, and he will have to carry the burden of having killed a young man for the rest of his life. This, too, is beyond understanding to those of us who have never been forced to exercise that option. We need to pray for both the Martin and Zimmerman families and for our country.

The first conclusion that I have come to concerning the events over the past months is that there is a number of people within the media and the body politic, people of all skin colors, who are vested in the vitality of racism. People whose whole existence demands that matters of race constantly seethe, and that no chance to drive a wedge between people of different skin colors can be missed, for their own purposes.

I say to all people and to the black community in particular, beware! Some of those who claim to have your back are instead aiming at your back. There are some whose success is totally invested in your failure. You living a good life would be totally uncooperative on your part in their plans to drive you to rally for the next protest march for their own agenda.

The other conclusion I have been forced to come to is that the liberal media, the Al Sharptons and Jessie Jacksons of the world are just pawns being pushed around by the nimble fingers of players operating on another level in the hierarchy of evil. There are evidently people with money and power whose success revolves around the failure of America. The dividing of people along racial and socioeconomic lines witnesses of a level of malevolence that should cause us all to pause and consider. Watching the leadership of our country, in all political parties, either take part in or neglect to prevent the dismantling of the Constitution is more horrible than any fall of any civilization of the past.

America was born to magnificence and boundless potential. Through selfishness, greed and laziness, we are in danger of becoming less than mundane. Please join me in prayer for our country, but beyond that, let us consider what we can do to make things better for all people. Rising to a higher ideal in spite of circumstances, not falling into the abyss of failure because of them. God help us all.

Eddy McEntire

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